Extra-virgin olive oil production is one of the most important economic activities in the Italian agro-industrial sector, but it is also subject to food adulteration.

Thus, it is of the outmost importance that consumers read information on the extra-virgin “Identity card” printed on the label. “Identity card” must report quality characteristics of a product.

1 – P.D.O., P.G.I., Extra-virgin olive oil (or simply “Extra-virgin”), olive oil, olive-pomace oil indicate product category.

2 – Extra-virgin olive oil: it is the highest quality olive oil, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. It is characterised by perfect flavour and odour, with a maximum acidity value (oleic acid) of 0,8%.

3 – Name of the producer, the address, the seat of factory, the production area.

4 – Quantity of bottled oil.

5 – Lot number, that is the identification number of all bottles or holders produced.

6 – Expiry date.

Providing any other information on the label is optional and, according to the provisions in force, it can be verified at any moment.