Buonaterra is an association of "artisan producers" of high quality extra virgin olive oil that operates under the brand "Movimento Turismo dell'Olio" with seven founders, frantois all over the region, joining the passion for environmentally friendly agriculture and that operate for healthy and natural production. President of the Association is Donato Taurino, far-sighted Salento manufacturer heir to the family tradition of over half a century in the crusher.

Integrity and excellent quality of olives, cold mining, crushing in the crusher, certified plants, perfect preservation and traceability of the supply chain are the common denominator that combines these entrepreneurs, who passionately luster the Apulia by exporting unique perfumes and flavors.

Extra virgin olive oil with its excellent organoleptic qualities is a source for human health and Buonaterra is committed to increasing the value and visibility of this product, which for Apulia represents a key historical sector of agro-food. Today, in fact, great attention is paid to quality products in Italy and daily and day-to-day consumers are alert and sensitive to foods with certified guarantees that can contribute to their well-being.