The company is ruled by Donato and Rosaria, two brothers who in 1985 succeeded to their parents Pino and Maria, founders of this farm, which is today extended on about 150 h., fully cultivated with specialized olive groves. Donato and Rosaria personally follow the whole technical direction of the company - which means the direction of every step in olives’ production and transformation, as well as classification, storage and conservation of olive oils, with a particular attention in using certified agrochemicals only, cautiously and in small quantities, severely respecting the pre-harvest interval (lapse of time between the last treatment and the harvesting).
Professionalism comes across the care for the productive and vegetative appearance of the trees, through the right choice for the right timing and active principles in phytosanitary treatment, the observance of pre-harvest intervals for chemicals, the appropriate fertilizers, prunings, irrigations, the right moment and way for harvesting, until the respect for the right processing times and temperatures in extracting olive oil, classifying and tasting it right before packaging.



Sirius - Olio Extravergine d'Oliva
Polaris - Olio Extravergine d'Oliva







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