Organic agriculture is the keystone of this positive system Maria Elena and Angelo would eventually extend to the whole territory. Organic Farm Ritrovato grew up through this perspective, deeply-rooted in the heart of Parco Nazionale del Gargano since almost a century. Through four generations, from grand-grandfather Umberto through grandfather Matteo until Maria Elena, the farm gave an important contribute to let products of Gargano be renowned: the monovarietal extra virgin olive oil from Ogliarola garganica, in the “modern” and “traditional” interpretations, respectively named as Le Matine and Olio Ritrovato, and the sweet almonds, in the Tuono and Fra Giulio Grande varieties.
Mission statement of the farm is respecting the environment, basing on care and accuracy throughout the whole production chain, from the harvest to the products transformation. Nowadays, Biologica Ritrovato carefully verifies every production step, so to offer to consumers a full organic product, 100% granted, which is essential in a balanced, healthy and tasty nutrition.

Persona di Riferimento
Contact Person: Maria Elena Ritrovato
Receptionist: Angelo Marino
Taster: Angelo Marino
Year of foundation: 2014
Languages spoken: English - French
Days and opening hours:
Days and times visit: by reservation
Production area: San Giovanni Rotondo
Reference PDO area: Dop Daunia
Cultivars present in the olive groves: Ogliarola Garganica
Cultivated hectares: 20 ha

Tasting room
Purchase of products in the company
Accessibility for the disabled
Coach parking


"Le Matine" Olio extravergine biologico monocultivar Ogliarola Garganica 
"L'Olio Ritrovato" Olio extravergine monocultivar Ogliarola Garganica 

"Le Matine" - Olio extravergine Biologico monocultivar Ogliarola Garganica
"L'Olio Ritrovato" Olio extravergine Biologico monocultivar Ogliarola Garganica





Contrada Ferrareccia snc 
71013 San Giovanni Rotondo (Fg)
Tel. +39 333 1468189 - 335 1638661
Fax +39 0882 456770
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