Bisceglia family works in olive groves culture since 1857, with its farm located in a strategic position down in Valle Vignanotica, in the heart of Parco Nazionale del Gargano, just a couple of kilometers far from the sea. The actual company started in the late Nineties, founded to save and valorize this important heritage in terms of passion and know-how. The family succeeded in renovate tradition without losing its essence, driving the company to accuracy in respect for environment and food security. Olives, in Coratina, Ogliarola and Peranzana varieties, come exclusively from secular olive groves owned by the company, which manages the whole Evo productive process, respecting the ancient knowledge handed down from one generation to another. Guests can visit the beautiful olive groves, the mill and the interesting museum hosted in the ancient Manor farm, which resembles antiques instruments from the agricultural civility and the olive growing tradition. The company also includes an agritourism, where is possible to dinner eating typical products of the area.




Principe - Olio Extravergine d'Oliva







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