The De Carlo family boasts an ancient family tradition, dating back to the 1600s that has been handed down from generation to generation.

The De Carlo Company is located in Puglia, specifically in Bitritto, a small town 10 km from Bari and spread over an area of ​​100 hectares, where 25,000 olive trees of the Ogliarola and Coratina varieties are planted, from which they are produced several labels of extra virgin olive oil, which over the years have received important awards and recognitions.
The production of oil is accompanied by a line of vegetable preserves in extra virgin olive oil, cultivated in compliance with the seasons, spreadable creams, condiments for pasta, pickled olives, dried tomatoes and dried oregano.

The De Carlo Company vigorously supports a company policy based on the advantages of a short supply chain and zero-impact production, in fact, to irrigate our olive groves we use the "Drip Irrigation" system. Innovation and tradition are the cornerstones of the De Carlo culture.

Contact Person: Marina De Carlo
Receptionist: Marina De Carlo
Taster: Francesco De Carlo
Fondation: 1600
Languages spoken: English
Days and opening hours:  from monday to friday: 9am – 01 pm | from 3.30 to 6.30 pm. Saturday: 9am – 01 pm
Days and times visit: On reservation for days and opening times
Production Area: Bitritto
Cultivars present in the olive groves: Ogliarola, Coratina
Reference PDO area: Dop Terra di Bari - Bitonto
Cultivated hectars: 100

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"Tenuta Torre di Mossa"
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"Il Classico"
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Via XXIV Maggio 54/B
70020 - BITRITTO (BA)
Tel. +39 080630767
Fax +39 080631234
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