A history lasting more than a half-century is the main heritage of Lamantea family, today guided by its last heir Mario. The company is the same as in the past, in the Bisceglie countryside; the spirit is the same also, to grant unvaried quality, passion, reliability of the product to the many customers and the new consumers.

Olives from the farm’s cultivation, mainly of local varieties such as Coratina, Ogliarola and Nocellara, are pressed both with milestones and low temperatures’ techniques, to preserve olive organoleptic properties and grant quality and clearness of the extra virgin olive oil.

The company also produces a product line of naturally flavoured olive oils (lemon, chilli pepper, basil, rosemary, orange, pepper and truffle) and, from this year, a new special cime di rapa flavoured olive oil. A visit to the olive groves and the oil mill is a must-do, as you’ll enjoy a very interesting tasting session and purchase some product. 


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Via Lancellotti, 8
76011 BISCEGLIE (Bt)
Tel. +39 080 9648072
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