Land of Arneo, which is the rural heart of Salento, is the cornerstone of this company’s production, the place where olive oil is born.

A magic place, suspended between land and sea, cradle of the mediterranean landscape, increasingly valued for the many resources it offers. A slice of heaven, where nature is served to the table: “the golden liquid”, as Homer used to call it, is permeated with the Puglia soil’s taste.

La Cornula isn’t a simple denomination, but a symbol for the land. The word comes from Lecce’s dialect and is used to name the carob tree, which is abundant in Salento and exactly has the shape of a corn. A typical taste, a superstitious shape and a fertile soil: these are the ingredients which made the La Cornula’s trees grow up, and the whole family with them.

Farm company La Cornula represents tradition innovating throughout centuries, as you can see through their millstones and old mills, which tell the respect and dedication of Puglia people to their homeland.

Persona di Riferimento:

Reference Person: Cesare Sabato
Receptionist: Cesare and Stefano Sabato, Gabriele Cappello
Taster: Stefano Sabato
Year of foundation: 2006
Languages spoken: Italian, English, German
Days and hours of opening: every day
Days and times visit: to be agreed
Production area: Nardo
Reference PDO area: DOP Terra d'Otranto
Cultivars present in the olive groves: Monocultivar Leccino, Monocultivar Frantoio, Monocultivar Cima di Melfi, Monocultivar Picholine, Monocultivar Nociara, Monocultiva Ogliarola Leccese, Monocultivar Cellina di Nardò, Blend DOP Terra d'Otranto
Cultivated hectares: 30

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DOP Terra d'Otranto


Cima di Melfi





SP17, 109/111
73048 - NARDO' (LE)
Tel./Fax +39 0832 947357
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