Commitment of Spagnoletti Zeuli family in changing a wooded area in a flourishing and luxuriant land goes back to early ’600, as shown in the ancient documents preserved in the historic archive of the family, who owns plots of land in Castel del Monte countryside since the XVI century. Nowadays, San Domenico and Zagaria mansions are places full of fascination, where the traditional heritage in terms of centennial dedication to olive trees and wine graperies cooperate along with the modern approach to business of count Onofrio and the constant care to innovative technologies and research. This is what makes of this company’s products an archetype of the quality that this area can express, also certified with Terra di Bari Dop certification and membership in the producers association “Terrautentica”. A visit to the oil mill and the surrounding olive groves can be very pleasant, along with tasting and purchasing of products.



Contact Person: Antonio Brudaglio
Receptionist: Antonio Brudaglio
Taster: Antonio Brudaglio
Year of foundation: 1600
Languages spoken: English
Days and opening hours: Mon. - Sat 9.00am - 1.00pm
Days and times visit: Mon. - Sat. | 9.00am - 1.00pm
Production area: Andria
Reference PDO area: DOP Terra di Bari - Castel del Monte
Cultivars present in the olive groves: Coratina
Cultivated hectares: 250 Ha

Tasting room
Purchase of products in the company
Coach parking



Extravergine d'oliva Dop Terra di Bari
Extravergine d'oliva fruttato medio







Contrada San Domenico S.P. 231 km 60
76123 - ANDRIA
Tel. +39.0883 569511
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