In the countryside of Andria, commercial farm Torrerivera cultivates by itself 56 hectares of olive groves and produces monovarietal extra virgin olive oils of superior quality, milling olives from different varieties in its own oil mill in exclusive use.

Since 2009, Andreina Civita and Pericle Poli, third generation in business, started a new management and manufacturing program, to innovate cultural techniques and transformation processes: conversion to organic cultivation techniques, harvest timing selected according on maturation times of very variety, constant care to all the production chain, from harvest to bottling. Torrerivera produces extra virgin olive oil of absolute value, keeping intact flavour, taste and nutritive properties.

To achieve the goal of milling just one hour after the harvest, the company has equipped itself with its own oil mill, exclusively used for its own manufacturing, fruit of a decennial research on the most respectful extracting techniques.

Guided by the advices of internationally recognized researchers, the whole process, from milling to extracting, develops in about ten minutes at ambient temperature, without extra water and in vacuum condition. After the first step of sanification, olives go through a steel blade mill, then through the vertical brakes which knead them in vacuum condition to avoid dangerous oxidation of the olives paste.

An horizontal decanter separates oil from vegetable water, which is then totally expelled with the immediately following filtration.

The process is so quick the aromatical and nutritional substances in olive oil remain intact. When extraction is done, extra virgin olive oil Torrerivera is immediately stored inside stainless steel tanks under nitrogen, and stocked in rooms at the constant temperature of about 16 C°.

A visit to the farm can be very interesting, with the possibility to visit the oil mill and taste olive oils straight where they’re made.

Contact Person: Dario Milia

Receptionist: Nicoletta Ferrazza
Taster: Nicoletta Ferrazza, Dario Milia
Year of foundation: 1933
Spoken languages: Italian - English - French
Days and opening hours: Monday to Saturday
Days and times visit: from 9.30 to 12.30
Production area: Andria
Cultivars present in the olive groves: Coratina - Santagostino - Nocellara - Leccino - Peranzana -
Carolea - Bitetto Termite - Pigeon Egg
Cultivated hectares: 56.00 in organic farming

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Monocultivar Coratina Biologico
Monocultivar Santagostino Biologico


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Contrada Rivera
76123 - ANDRIA
Tel. +39.080 8645431 - 339 7238166
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